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Monday, January 5th 2009

9:35 AM

The Beginning

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

A very simple ten word verse, but so much packed into it!

So many people want to fight against the truth of that verse. They do not want to acknowledge the sovereignty of a divine Creator. Many people prefer the idea of evolution as the explanation of how everything got here, because then they are "god" of their world. They are the highest order. This was the sin of satan - his pride led him to want to be God. Then satan used that same lie and lust to lead man to sin - he said man could be God. The truth is though, there is only ONE God and we aren't Him.

The beginning of the world and mankind is not really a question of science, but of faith. Evolution is only a theory regardless of what many of those in science, education and the media claim. It has not been proven and must be believed by faith.

So the choice comes down to Who are you going to believe? Man and his theory or God and His Word? I choose to believe God. He has proven true in my life and I know He doesn't lie.

We will look at more in the next post, but for now, here is something to read on the subject, In the Beginning .

I pray you will think seriously about what you have read and that you will believe God. You can read more tracts such as this one and purchase this tract as well as others at chick.com

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